Cruise Liner & Yacht Handling Service

Maldives being a tourist destination has attracted a lot of foreigners all around the world for its beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and breathtaking dive sites and more and more cruise liners and Super Yachts cruising in the Asia and Indian Ocean stop by in the Maldives. We provide handling and agency services to cruise liners and yacht such as technical assistance in the port and support services to visiting yachts and cruise ships to Maldives.

Services includes: 

  • Customs & Immigration Clearance Inbound and Outbound

  • Visas & Visa Extensions

  • Bunkering Fuel, Oil and Water

  • Marina Berthing

  • Food Provisioning

  • Ground, Shipping and Air Freight – Receiving and Delivering Goods

  • Sourcing Assistance Including Legal, Medical, Travel and Repatriation

  • Yacht Delivery

  • Sourcing Yacht Crew & Licensed Skippers

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Marine Leisure

  • Local tour and travel arrangements

  • Cruising permits if required

  • Crew and guest signing on and off

  • Airport representative

  • Transportation to the anchored vessel

  • Ticketing and reconfirmation

  • Crew placement