About Us


Asia Forwarding is known as for outstanding quality and service in the corporate network in Maldives, Asia Forwarding Pvt Ltd is a highly reputable freight forwarder in the country topping the list, with strong international recognition at Quality Summit (2012) in New York and European Summit (2013) in Paris. 

Asia Forwarding is affiliated with world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, with over 7250 member offices in 190 countries around the world. Asia Forwarding Pvt Ltd is positioned in an efficient global network, determined to expand its physical presence in key strategic locations, especially in Asia Pacific region, starting with our recently established branch offices in Bangkok and Dubai. 

Locally certified by the Maldives Customs Services as a registered broker for handling DDU & DDP shipments in Maldives, we are specialized in handling project cargo, sea freight and air freight shipments to Maldives. The clients of Asia Forwarding recognizes our strength in the field because of the exemplary technical know-how of our team and the range of additional services we provide to our clients. Some of those services include import bond facilities, transport of packing materials, on-site cargo handling services and rental or leasing of warehouse space & storage containers. 

Tourism being the biggest contributor to the Maldivian economy, over 120 islands are tourist resorts that are highly dependent on many local services, and while transportation and logistics have always been challenging in a country made up of scattered islands, Asia Forwarding has become one of the strongest partners for many resorts in providing the logistics solution, with many years of experience in the field. Over the many years in operation, Asia Forwarding has held on essential standards and moral principles necessary for a sustainable growth. With that discipline, we have a group of closely groomed staff well equipped in knowledge and experience to provide needed business consultation on import and export, customs regulations, project cargo handling, customs brokerages, legal advice related to the collection and delivery of goods including documentation and shipping instructions.  

Our capacity and resources assure us a leading position in the region with the promise of top-notch service. With this, and being a proud member of FIATA, WCA - world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders and the prestigious World Freight Network (WFN) family and other similar networks, we aim to be a role model in the industry.  

At Asia Forwarding, we hope to always look forward, to go forward and to take 'forward' Asia Forwarding Pvt Ltd as a globally renowned premium freight forwarder. 



At Asia Forwarding we aim to provide outstanding services to our clients, with speed, convenience, and affordability, allowing flexibility in every possible way, to meet high levels of customer satisfaction, determined to reach the top in the logistics industry, with Asia Forwarding being highly valued by customers and partners.



We look forward to position Asia Forwarding in the global market as one of the leading freight forwarders that provide top-notch services in the most efficient way and develop a strong logistics framework in Asia that will make logistics management more convenient and affordable to clients.